FASHION | Where It All Began…

Fashion is the reason that I packed up my life in Vancouver, and moved to Italy in 2012. Was it a crazy decision? Somewhat. Do I regret it? Never.

When I look back at my childhood, I realize how important fashion was to me. I can clearly remember certain outfits that I was obsessed with, and some entertaining stories that go with them. Both outfits are pictured below, but please hold your judgement thankyouverymuch.

Outfit 1: The Pyjamas. In Grade 1, I received a new outfit at Christmas, and as any logical child would do, I couldn’t wait to wear it to school. Not only was it a whole outfit, but there was a stuffed bear that fit in the front pocket of the shirt! An outfit with a stuffed animal. I was going to win the Best Dressed award. Well, word on the street is that I returned home from school that day, very upset that I had worn what was clearly a pyjama set to school!

Outfit 2: The Petticoat. Clearly, clothing fascinated me at a young age, and I thought my new skirt was the cat’s pyjamas. No, I do not have an obsession with pyjamas. Whether I wanted my new ballerina-esque outfit to be documented with a photo, or whether I was made to take a photo to send to the kind soul that gifted me with this beautiful skirt, it’s clear from the look on my face that I was tickled pink at my new outfit option. Little did I know, I was supposed to wear a dress on top of it. Good news: I don’t recall being allowed to wear this one in public.

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The story of one girl's travels around the world, the style that catches her eye, and the food and drinks that delight her taste buds.

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